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Frequently asked Questions

I don't have all the location information at hand?
That's no problem. Leave the fields blank if you don't have the information at hand. After your registration, we will contact you to provide the additional information.

Can I also add one contact for multiple locations?
Yes, that's possible. Fill in the contact details at location 1 and we will copy these for the other locations.

Can I still change my data afterwards?
It is certainly possible to change your data afterwards. For example, passing on a price change or contact details.

Frequently asked Questions

Do I have to enter a price?
To offer your location as completely as possible, a (starting) price is very important. If you do not enter a price, the price will automatically appear “on request” on our website.

I do not have the price information at hand
This is no problem. It is certainly possible to change your data afterwards.

What is Co-working?
With Co-working we mean a flexible workplace where a user can work. No own workplace but shared.

What is a strip card?
Many Business centers work with a strip card. With the strip card you can use a flexible workplace for x days.

What are a flexible and permanent workplace?
By a flexible or permanent workplace we mean a private workplace where a user can sit and work. This can be in an office garden or public space.

Which from price do I have to fill in at meeting rooms?
By the starting price we mean an indication for the smallest meeting or meeting room with a minimum of 2 people for a half day (4 hours).

Which starting price should I fill in at the virtual office?
Your cheapest virtual office suite. We will always contact you to finalize this.

Which from price do I have to enter for telephony?
The starting price of your telephony package. For example, a regional telephone number.

Frequently asked Questions

Is registration really free?
Hell yes! Registering your location or locations does not cost you anything. A commission division will only take place after the first customer has used one of your services via Flexado. Good deal right?

Can I easily stop the collaboration again?
Unlikely but yes you can. After agreement, you enter into an agreement for an indefinite period and you can cancel it with due observance of a notice period of 6 months. We will no longer register new customers during the cancellation period. We use this period to inform existing and current customers and possibly provide another suitable workplace.

What happens if I click on Send & Sign Up?
Congratulations and welcome as a new Flexado partner! We will immediately confirm all information by e-mail and will contact you within one working day to go through everything again. Then, after receiving beautiful photos, we will put your location online for all our existing and new customers.