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Flexado offers flexible meeting rooms, workplaces, virtual offices and office spaces for entrepreneurs and companies who do not want to be tied to a permanent office. By registering your location with our network, affiliated companies can also use your available services.

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A collaboration with Flexado
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Meld je locatie(s) gratis aan en maak gebruik van ons platform om zo meer (nieuwe) klanten en bedrijven te ontvangen. Vervolgens krijg je betaald voor elke reservering of afgenomen service via Flexado.

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At Flexado we are as clear as possible. View our explanation of how a collaboration with Flexado works about how a collaboration with Flexado works. In the video we give some clear practical examples.

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More than 5,000 business centers, co-working centers, business center buildings and meeting locations from all over the world grow their business with Flexado.

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Rental via Flexado creates more regular customers at your location
Increase your brand through international exposure
In addition to your regular income through Flexado, customers will increasingly use available variable services at your location. Such as facility and secretarial services. This increases your income
Flexado takes almost all administrative tasks off your hands. Like the entire debtor risk.
The rental does not entail any additional costs; we do not require a (monthly) investment

What does rental via
Flexado yield?

If a customer uses services at your location (s) via Flexado, you will receive an attractive percentage of the rental income.

y working with Flexado, you opt for professionalism, more customers and higher income. You keep your own identity, while making your company or brand stronger by offering facilities via Flexado.

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Frequently asked Questions

How does a collaboration with Flexado work?

Flexado offers flexible meeting rooms, workplaces, virtual offices and office spaces for entrepreneurs and companies who do not want to be tied to a permanent office. By registering your location with our network, affiliated companies can also use your available services.

Example meeting room:
A customer rents a meeting room at your location for a whole day via Flexado. As soon as the reservation arrives at Flexado, we will contact you to confirm the appointment with you. On the day itself, the customer will report to your location at the reception. You provide all facilities on location and may invoice Flexado for the agreed amount.

Virtual office example:
A customer rents via Flexado for a virtual office at your location. Once Flexado has completed the customer file, you will receive the final registration from us with any postal instructions. You provide all facilities on location and are allowed to invoice Flexado for the agreed amount monthly.

For what period do I connect my location to Flexado?

An agreement with Flexado is for an indefinite period with a minimum term of 6 months. We opt for this as we can give our customers more certainty for their business operations.

What are the registration fees?

Registering your location (s) is completely free. After you have registered your location (s) and your location is used via Flexado, you will be paid for every reservation or service taken. So no risk.

Wat is de inkomstenverdeling tussen Flexado en mij?

Als partner van Flexado ontvang je inkomsten:

  • Vergaderruimte 70%.
  • Werkplekken en dagkantoren 70%.
  • Virtueel kantoor 50%.
  • Flexwerken (via de Flexado app): per werkplek €340 per maand op basis van gebruik.
  • Vaste kantoorruimte: 90% over het eerste jaar.

How often do I get paid?

At the end of the month you will receive an overview of the customers who have used your location via Flexado. Following this overview, you can send Flexado an invoice every month.

How can I register my location?

Click on the page above Register me as a partner. As soon as you have entered all your details, we will ensure that your location is added to our website as soon as possible. Normally, your location will be online on our websites within 1 working day.

Can I register multiple locations?

It is possible to register all your locations at once. You can do this on the above page add your location (s) to our wide range by pressing the button: Add my location and fill in all your details.

How do I receive a registration from a new customer?

As soon as we receive a registration for your location, we will notify you by e-mail. You will receive all necessary information in this email. At a service office you can think of a company name, contact person, start date and a postal instruction.

Can I also refer my customers?

You can always refer your customers to Flexado, we will then take care of the entire financial settlement for you, including the complete file structure in accordance with strict legal requirements, invoicing and complete debtor management.

Can I refuse persons or companies?

It is possible to refuse persons or companies in consultation.

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Kristyvia Google

Super good, thank you Dennis!
Everything was very clear and clear and we were helped very well. Everything was arranged the same day.

Lucvia Google

Ultimately not chosen Flexado because they could not offer exactly what I needed. However, communication went very well and the information provision was top! Would definitely recommend them!

Romyvia LinkedIn

Steven's professionalism is certainly a great contribution for Flexado. He helped us well. Thank you

Serkanvia Google

I am EXCELLENT helped and guided. TOP point service! Keep it up.

Borrevia Google

The help was great...i'm a beginner so the help was very nice and good!!!