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Step 2 Package
Step 3 Compliance
Step 4 Agreement
Step 5 Commission

Managing your virtual customers has never been easier

Receive new clients at your location every month and get paid per subscription.

Customers rate us with a 9.4!

Trusted by more than 4,000 business centres worldwide

Why Flexado?

Customer due diligence fully automated. Always an up to date file.

Debtor risk
No more overdue invoices. Get paid monthly.

Receive complete overviews in your MyFlexado portal.

Get paid per customer delivered.

Loyal customers
Customers stay with Flexado for an average of 4 years.

Cross-selling services
Work and meeting facilities are easy to book.

Flexado can play an advisory and collaborative role in the following areas





You receive the mail, we do the rest!

In a partnership with Flexado, care and service are key. When you offer your services via Flexado, everything is taken care of for you, down to the last detail. Compliance, invoicing, debtor management, reservations and customer contact. The only thing left for you to do is to receive and process the mail.

How it works

Register easily online

1. Register your location via the button.
2. Fill in your details.
3. Check your details and agree to the agreement.
4. Add your location and services in the portal.

No costs at all

The partnership is free of charge. You will use our platform and software during the collaboration to easily provide your services and receive clients.

Become partner

What to expect from us

Customer contact
For the customer, we are the first point of contact. We will answer questions and make reservations.

Good communication
Our small team is at your disposal 5 days a week both by phone and email.

Knowledge base
On our knowledge base, you can find answers to almost all your questions 24/7. Is your question not among them? We will contact you the next working day.

Raising brand awareness
Appear in various articles and blogs published monthly by Flexado.

A partnership for life
Flexado aims for successful collaboration and a long-term relationship. For you, the customers and ourselves, we want to provide the best service. Now and in the future.

Success by Automation

Flexado is the first to have fully automated the purchasing process of a virtual office. From the landing page to the commission settlement and from the legal requirements to the agreement. Combining more than 13 years of experience with recent technological developments and collaborations with leading parties from different industries, Flexado makes it possible to start a virtual office without the intervention of an individual. Of course, these processes are under the continuous control and supervision of the entire Flexado team.

Fully automated

Do you have questions about our services, prices
or availability? Feel free to contact us.

Find important articles and
answers to frequently asked questions.

We love to facilitate your success

Become partner

Complete care 13+ years of experience

Frequently asked questions

For what period do I commit to Flexado?

An agreement with Flexado is indefinite with a minimum term of 6 months. This allows us to offer our customers security for their operations.

What is the income distribution between Flexado and me?

As a partner of Flexado, you receive income:

  • Meeting room 70%.
  • Workplaces and day offices 70%.
  • Virtual office 50%.
  • Fixed office space: 90% over the first year.

How often will I be paid?

In your own MyFlexado portal, you have an overview of the customers registered at your location. Each month, Flexado automatically pays the commission amount to be received by you. You no longer need to send an invoice for this.

Can I register multiple locations?

In the portal, you can add multiple locations.

How do I receive a notification from a new customer?

As soon as we receive an application for your location, we will notify you by e-mail. In this e-mail, you will receive all the necessary information. For a virtual office, you can think of a company name, contact person, start date and post instructions.

Can I let Flexado fully manage my virtual clients?

It is possible to accommodate all your virtual clients at Flexado. We facilitate the whole process, all you have to do is process the mail.

Can I refuse customers or companies?

You can always decide whether to accept a customer or not.
Even during the period someone is a customer, you can choose to refuse the customer.