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With various modules, managing your clients becomes easier and more secure than ever before.

The number 1 software for managing your virtual offices

Software package

£ 49,00 p/m

Includes 1 location

Automatic onboarding
Up-to-date risk analysis
Live file access
Annual compliance
Mail notifications
Mail scan module
Standard messages
Communication in one place
Office space module
Manage all your office clients in one place


Per extra location:
£ 10,00
Per extra customer:
£ 1,00
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Customers rate us with a 4.7

Add ons


Office space module

Use the Virtual Office software also for all your physical tenants.

Coming soon


With the coworking module, tenants can easily shoot in a request for a workplace.

Coming soon

Meeting room

The coworking module allows tenants to easily shoot in a request for a meeting room.

Coming soon


Easily pass on all costs to your customers by linking the modules to your financial records.

Get new customers at your location and receive monthly commission

When a customer uses services at your location(s) through Flexado, you will receive an attractive percentage of the revenue.

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Calculation example

A client purchases a virtual office at your location through Flexado. The price for is £80 per month. As long as the customer uses this service, you will monthly receive £40. If there are 30 customers registered at your location through Flexado, you will receive £1.200 a month.

Calculate your revenues
Your commission
Virtual office
Meeting room
Office space

Try the virtual office software
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No software installation required.

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Frequently asked questions

What is my notice period?

You can cancel your subscription monthly. It will then expire as of the next period.

How soon can I start?

You can start using the software immediately.

How many locations can I add?

You can add an unlimited number of locations. If you want to add an additional location, it costs €10 per month.

Can I also add my existing customers?

You can also add your own customers. You can then choose to add the customers with or without a new compliance check.

Do I have to register my location with Flexado?

This is not compulsory. However, you do miss out on a lot of extra business if you don’t offer your services through Flexado’s platform.